Validating user input with php

The task we had for this exercise was to create a website that first takes user input then validates the given user input and after submitting then redirects to a page that then serves as a confirmation page. All of this was to be done with PHP and by using sessions. The latter part of the exercise was to store user info in cookies and use that info on another page. I'd also like to point out that while all code works and is valid, as required by the assignment, I wrote this post from memory and not while doing the exercise.

Configuring LAMP with salt (h6)

This exercise had us configuring the entire Linux Apache2 Mariadb Php7.2 development stack for a Linux based machine. I used my Acer Aspire Laptop from previous exercises and a minion named azazel running on Virtualbox with a xubuntu 18.04 LTS OS.


Using salt to automate apache2 and php installation (h2)

(Tiistain ryhmä)

In this exercise we were to create states that did various tasks from installing and configuring apache to configuring demons on our own.

For the exercise I used my Acer Aspire V laptop and my regular xubuntu 18.04 salt-minion running in virtualbox called "azazel".

After booting my laptop and starting virtualbox I tested the connection between my master and my minion with 'sudo salt 'azazel'

H3 (Installing apache2 with php functionality)

This exercise was about installing apache2 and creating a php compatible website.

Installing Apache2

The first task was to install apache2 and have the user homepage work. The user home page can be found by navigating to your own ip-address and /~username e.g.

The current username can be found via the command 'whoami' and your ip-address with the command 'ip addr'. When you try to connect to the server it does not respond because apache2 is not installed


The exercise was done on my Acer Aspire V laptop running off a xubuntu 18.04 from a live usb on a Kingston DataTraveller 16GB.


A) Installing LAMP

Setting up Apache2 and PHP7.2

I started the assignment with the few usual commands 'setxkbmap fi' to set my keyboard to finnish and then 'sudo apt-get update' to update the available packages.

An old lab-exercise (h7).

Last homework assignment

Our last homework assignment was to select a old lab-exercise. The exercise consisted of creating some users with different authority levels for an imaginary company, creating some metapackages and some other lesser stuff. A link to said exercise can be found below.

I decided to not do this on my own computer and instead used my xubuntu 18.04 LTS live-usb. I made as the first homework assignment for the course.