Powershell Write File To UTF-8


Just a simple program that re-writes files in a folder to UTF-8. A production server I work on had an old version of Powershell running on it and a file needed to be in UTF-8 for it to be read by a Golang-script, so this was created.

This can be run from the terminal by calling the script and passing the logPath and pathToFiles parameters to the Script.

Doesn't write a BOM (Byte Order Mark) on the file, due to the Golang Script reading the file.

Convert .doc files to .txt using Windows Powershell

This simple script converts Microsoft Word .doc files to .txt files for my txt/log file scan through script to sift through. 


Code available in better format @ https://github.com/JoonasPit/powershellstuff/blob/master/wordtotxt.ps1

# Run through all doc-type files in a folder and convert them in to .txt-files


function wordConversion{


# Specify location

$location = Get-Location

# Get all doc-files

Powershell text search tool

Text search tool in Powershell

Wrote a quick search tool for Windows that uses some cmdlets from Powershell to search through txt-files,finds certain key words and writes them in a easily readable format inside a potentially user defined outfile. (github)

The tool ask for the file being searched for and the word that the user wants to search these files for.